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Mehrshad "LaWMan" Vahdat


“My initial passions revolved around football (soccer) and the law. In approaching Muay Thai, I meld the creativity and work ethic honed through soccer with the analytical and systematic approach cultivated during the pursuit of a legal education. This unique blend equips me with the skills not only to learn Muay Thai effectively but also to articulate its intricacies to others.”

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Coach Mehrshad, also known as "LawMan," has diligently pursued training in Muay Thai under the guidance of Kru Christopher Williams. His profound appreciation for martial arts was sparked by observing the remarkable achievements of athletes such as Georges St-Pierre and Floyd Mayweather Jr., who exemplified the pinnacle of their respective disciplines.

Amidst pursuing a legal education he commencing his martial arts journey at Markham Martial Arts (MMA), Coach Mehrshad's unwavering dedication and eagerness to master the sport were promptly recognized by the MMA team. His instructional approach emphasizes the primacy of technique over brute force, embodying the ethos of "Muay Femur" and the MMA style.

Coach Mehrshad's commitment to imparting the art of Muay Thai has cultivated an exceptional learning environment, enabling students of all ages to immerse themselves in its splendor. An active competitor, Coach Mehrshad is an esteemed member of the Markham Martial Arts team, contributing significantly to its success and ethos.

Welcome to Lawman - the place where I share my passions and projects with you. I'm here to inspire you and help you nurture your own creativity. Come along and let's explore the art, culture, and philosophy of Muay Thai together.


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